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  • I just solved an issue that I think it´s worth it to put it in here.

    Since the Learning module is still another platform that is connected to SF BizX jumping to Learning module still triggers a SAML authentication check.

    Some users get following validation error in this step:

    Validation Error
    You must correct the following error(s) before proceeding:
    • Failed to authenticate the SAML response. If this keeps happening, please contact the administrator.

    Deactivating the Add-on was the solution in this case.After checking validity of the user and managers I went through the issue with the user and found out that the user was using chrome which has a cookie blocker add on installed.

    Do you have similar issues that are solved differently? Thanks for leaving a comment.

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  • We just had a case that a user cannot download a list e.g. in transaction EMFOR.
    The authorization object S_GUI checks Gui related activities. In this case the activity 61 is necessary for the icon “local file…”

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  • Exporting Lists to Spreadsheet can be frustrating if the Default format is set in the past (e.g. to MHTML) but in most cases you need EXCEL Format (XLS).

    To change the default format open an ALV Grid list and open the context menu -> “Spreadsheet…” and you can select a format to use as default or unselect “Always Use Selected Format” to have the possibility to choose each time.

    Another solution to reset the default format is to run the report SALV_BS_ADMIN_MAINTAIN and remove the user specific entry.



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  • Actually I´m not sure why the Error occurs but at least a workaround was to remove the Systemuser of the RFC connection in SM59 or change in System Data to a trusted RFC connection.

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  • Go to transaction SICF to maintain the Service and navigate to the node. Double click to change -> tab “Error Pages” -> tab “logon Errors” and click on the button “Configuration” next to the “System Logon” Selection.  In there it is possible to change the Logon Screen with different SAP Themes, Language, Logon via HTTPS and of course to change the Logo and Pics.

    Goto “Adjust Links and Images” there is a box for “Adjustment of the Logon Page”. Here you can enter the Logo Image (325×87) or the Image (290×360) which appears in the Logon Page.

    The Images are stored in the MIME Repository (normally they are located here /SAP/PUBLIC/BC/PICTOGRAMS/). Go to SE80 to upload/replace/update the image files.

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  • AGR_1251 – Authorization data for the activity group, I use it to display all transactions assigned to the selected role

    AGR_USERS – Assignment of roles to users, I use it to display user assignments to a selected role or vice versa

    AGR_PROF – Profile name for role, to find roles with the technical profiles


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  • if you cannot copy from an ALV Grid you should check if you have following authorization assigned:

    S_ALV_LAYO-ACTVT = “23”.

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  • I received this error after a system copy in our SAP BPC application.

    The environment does not load but only the mentioned error.

    In my case I had a short dump (ST22)  CALL_FUNCTION_NO_DEST which tells me that the RFC destination is not available. In this case either the RFC destination or the user is not maintained correctly so check the roles and RFC dest. or the global settings for BPC is still the old one. It seems that BDLS does NOT change these parameters.

    So go to SPRO -> SAP Reference IMG -> SAP Customizing Implementation Guide -> Planning and Consolidation -> Configuration Parameters -> Set Global Parameters and update the RFC Destination to the actual one.

    For our BPC System is works.

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  • I found the Report PRGN_COMPRESS_TIMES today which supports me to clean up the User Master Data.

    With this Report it is possible to remove duplicated assignments and/or remove expired role assignments from the User Master Data.

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  • You can simplify your life with variants in transactions to save your common selections but there is also a simple way to fill in selection fields beforehand.

    Simply set your user Parameter with SU3.

    E.g. WRK for Plant, CAC for Controlling Area, XUS for Username…

    To find the right Parameter ID simply mark the selection field and click “F1” for “Performance Assistance” and then click on the button “Technical Information”.

    You will get used to it 😀


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